live and let die
Jungle Juice on Flickr.
lol freshman year i did a project about college drinking

Jungle Juice on Flickr.

lol freshman year i did a project about college drinking

topless Skype sesh on valentines day is da best :D

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hey guys i’m gonna try to link my two blogs, since my other one has dominated my life a bit more than this one lol

i’m going to be following everyone i follow on here, on my other one

and if you want the best way to stay in touch with me, i would suggest following me on there, though i will still have this blog just incase.

truth is, i kept them separate because i didn’t want people to judge me for having a weed blog (and now its kind of becoming my everything blog). but since those people have inadvertently shut me out of their lives i guess there’s no hiding anymore. (ha i really don’t want to come off rude, but it makes me angry when my “friends” ignore me)

but i’ve kept too many secrets for too long. guess what. i smoke weed. i’m not a “druggie”. for gods sake i still shower and i have aspirations in life i fully intend to follow through with. i use drugs to lift me in times of depressive moods, as well to just have some fun without drinking. yeah, i don’t drink. the one thing having a weed blog has taught me, weed is good for you and the media lies. it has so many health benefits. if you don’t smoke weed, hey guess what i still want to be your friend. i’m not gonna stop hanging out with people because they don’t smoke, and i’m not going to ever force someone to smoke. it was my decision, so it will be your own decision. i am perfectly capable of maintaining a friendship without weed.

long story short, weed has helped my life improve greatly and i wouldn’t be the person i am today without it.

i’d really like all the friends i made on here to support me. 

one day marijuana will be legalized. then were will we be. fighting over nothing.

i love you guys, seriously. i’d love for you guys to be part of my life still, which just happens to be more on my other blog :)

sergeant tibbs signing off (not forever though)


In the deep 

People who draw mystify me.


People who draw mystify me.





do you know how rare it is to get her to sit still for a photo

do you know how rare it is to get her to sit still for a photo


Van Gogh drawings 1 on Flickr.



Must watch 

Watch how this guy reacts to a girl wearing a Hijab verses a girl not wearing a Hijab.

not surprising 

yoooo and the douche award goes to

Do you remember the way the girls
would call out “love you!”
conveniently leaving out the “I”
as if they didn’t want to commit
to their own declarations.

I agree that the “I” is a pretty heavy concept.
David Berman, ”Self Portrait at 28” (via oofpoetry)

who was in my bed?

1. Stop faking your fucking orgasms. Society already tells young men that they run the fucking universe - if they can’t turn your cunt into a shooting star then for god’s sake, let them know about it.

2. Once you’ve stopped faking your fucking orgasms, use this newfound honesty throughout the rest of your life - stop ordering coffee you don’t actually like; stop sitting at a desk and allowing people to treat you like shit in the hopes that a meek attitude will earn you a promotion (it won’t); stop telling people they can finish your food when you’re not actually done yet. These may seem petty, but they add up, just like every orgasm you didn’t actually get to have.

3. If you wanna dance all night, dance all fucking night. Dance all night even if you have work in the morning. The worst that will happen is you’ll drink RedBull all day and look like a zombie - pass it off as a head cold to the real zombies you work with and flick through the embarrassing photos you’re being tagged in as you pretend to take a shit for some peace and quiet. I promise, you’ll remember dancing all night in ten years, not the suspicious way your boss looked at you that morning.

4. If your ass looks big in that, that’s a good thing.

5. You will never be as young as you are this second. Embrace it.

6. Embrace the fact that you’re going to get older. Ask your boyfriend if he will still love you when you’re seventy and your tits are down to your knees. Look forward to this time - seventy year old women are allowed to do pretty much whatever they want, and no-one can stop them. You can carry candy in your bag and not share it with a single soul. You can stay home all day and cross-stitch expletives onto handkerchiefs for your grandchildren and slip them under the table out of sight of the people you raised. You can drink whisky at 10am. Every phase of your life is going to be amazing for different reasons. Embrace that.

7. A lot of people will pretend to love Bukowski. Don’t pretend to love Bukowski if you don’t love Bukowski. It’s overplayed and no-one will mind if you actually like Virginia Andrews instead - the people who do mind are boring.

Some more little life lessons, by Daisy Lola. (via lilgivenchyprincess)